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Vintage Light Bulbs

Create Vintage or Stylish Lighting with Antique Light Bulbs

Antique light bulbs have come back in style recently. Because of that, many manufacturers are making new light bulbs that resemble antique bulbs, modeled after Thomas Edison's original designs. By creating reproductions, customers can have the vintage light bulb look with a fully functioning bulb at a low cost.

At Lightbulb Wholesaler, we offer a variety of reproduction light bulbs. You can choose from an array of shapes to fit your light fixtures and your design style. Look over our selection to find and order the bulbs that are right for your needs.

The Look of Antique Bulbs

The antique light bulb itself provides aesthetic value, in addition to or instead of having a stylish light fixture. Current offerings include reproductions of antique styles and new designs that weren't available in the past.

Antique bulbs have character — the reproductions come in interesting shapes, from long cylinders and candelabra styles to small globes. The coils within each light bulb are also crafted decoratively, and since the light they give off is less intense, you can look at the coils long enough to appreciate their beauty.

Decoration and Ambiance

Antique-style light bulbs provide a lot of decorative value to a home or a business, especially a restaurant or bar that is looking for interesting mood lighting. Their low light output allows you to create decorative lighting that won't blind people.

You can achieve a soft glow that is similar to candlelight to create a nice atmosphere. These bulbs add warmth to a space and make an area look more appealing, with a broader color spectrum than other bulbs — a plus for restaurants and similar spaces.


Reproduction light bulbs have numerous applications, as they fit in with antique, industrial and other design styles. These bulbs greatly complement a variety of lighting fixtures, adding character to wall sconces, table lamps and chandeliers.

You can complete the design style of antique light fixtures, or new light fixtures that are designed to look vintage, with light bulbs that match the style. One option is to use them with antique light cages, which have also come back into fashion. They pair well with industrial light fixtures that are store-bought or crafted from piping, exposed wiring and other materials. Hand-made light fixtures often make the bulbs the center of attention.

Choose from Various Bulb Designs

Lightbulb Wholesaler has the vintage light bulbs you need for your home or business. We offer different shapes, including replicas of the classic Edison bulbs, tube light bulbs in various sizes and a flame-tip style to mimic candlelight.
Our different styles include various filament designs that you can see through the bulb. Options include a loop filament, a hair-pin filament, a spiral filament and a cage filament. Browse our styles to see which ones will fit your needs.