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A-Type Compact Fluorescent Bulbs - Environmentally Friendly Meets Standard Shape and Style

Compact fluorescent bulbs have come a long way since they were initially brought to market. Today, consumers have a wide range of light bulb styles to choose from outside of the original spiral design. One of these is the A-type compact fluorescent light bulb: they give you the benefits of CFL bulbs with the look of a conventional bulb by placing a bulb-shaped dome over the CFL tubes.

What Are A-Type Bulbs?

An A-type bulb has the same rounded shape as a conventional incandescent light bulb. This is the most commonly used light bulb shape in from the past century — a shape that resembles a pear. Replacing incandescent bulbs with A-type CFL bulbs means less of a difference in the way your lights look.

Enjoy a Conventional Look with Energy Efficiency

A-type compact fluorescent light bulbs give you the ability to enjoy the look and shape of an incandescent bulb with the energy efficiency of a CFL bulb. This gives today's consumers the best of both worlds. Your bulbs will fit in your light fixtures as you expect them to, but you can experience the lower energy bills that come with CFL bulbs.

CFL light bulbs use different technology to produce the light than incandescent bulbs do. Incandescent bulbs heat a filament to the point that it glows, creating light. CFL bulbs use a small tube containing argon, which is heated until it creates visible light. It requires much less energy to heat the argon to the point that it glows than it does to heat the filament.

For this reason, CFL bulbs use about 75 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs and provide the same amount of light. This will lower energy costs over the life of the bulb. Also, because these bulbs do not have to be replaced as frequently as their incandescent counterparts, the overall cost of the bulb over its lifetime may be less, even though the initial purchase price is more.

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