Office Lighting Solutions

Properly chosen office lighting makes a welcoming and efficient work environment for yourself and fellow colleagues. When it comes to choosing the best lighting for office spaces, there are commonly found light bulbs and LED integrated fixtures for a standard office.

Light Bulbs

T8 Tubes

Typically, offices are lit with 32 watt, 4100k, cool white, fluorescent T8 linear tubes or u-bend tubes. At, we recommend replacing your fluorescent tubes with type-a, ballast compatible LED 4’ tubes or type-a, ballast compatible led u-bend tubes in 4000K for an even, clean, cool-white light. In addition to the 4’ and u-bend tubes.

Flood Light Bulbs

In addition to tubes, areas of offices including kitchens and bathrooms are lit with R, BR, or PAR flood light bulbs. Commonly used flood light bulbs are E26 medium base screw in light bulbs in the incandescent, halogen, or CFL (compact fluorescent) technologies. At, we recommend you use LED PAR30 or LED PAR38 light bulbs in a 4000K color temperature flood for a crisp, clean light to illuminate your office.

Plug-in CFL (Compact Fluorescent)

Often found in recessed cans in offices are CFL plug in bulbs with either a 2-pin G23/GX23/G24d base or a 4-pin G24q/GX24q base CF5, CF7, CF9, CF13, CF18, CF26, CF32, or CF42 CFL light bulb. At, we recommend replacing these plug-in CFL light bulbs with type-a, ballast compatible LED plug in CFL replacements in a 4000k. When choosing a LED CFL, it is important to note the direction the CFL is installed and the ballast (if installed) in your fixture ensuring the correct replacement product is selected. The LEDs typically are either horizontally or vertically oriented in the fixture. Prior to purchasing, confirm your installed ballast is compatible with the LED light bulb chosen. If assistance is needed, reach out to us for help!

LED Fixtures

If you are building or renovating an office, there are several great LED integrated light fixtures to choose from giving your office a modern, clean look and feel. LED integrated fixtures are preferred because they are the newest technology for office lighting and are easy to install for a licensed electrician. These fixtures can be controlled by wall switches, 0-10v or triac dimmers, and motion/occupancy sensors.

LED Lay-In Fixture

LED Flat Panel

When it comes to LED lay-in fixtures, there are two commonly selected choices for offices. The first are LED flat-panels. These are the least-expensive option and typically used by contractors for their simple, clean design and ease of installation. LED flat panels have standard sizes of 1’x4’, 2’x2’, and 2’x4’ with color temperatures ranging from 2700K-6500K. For an office, we at recommend a 4000K cool white color temperature for all fixtures including LED flat panels.

LED Center Basket

If you’re looking for more of an architectural design than the LED flat panels, we have an option for you! LED integrated center basket troffer fixtures, offered in 1’x4’, 2’x2’, and 2’x4’ are designed with the light in the center of the fixture covered with a decorative diffuser lens to evenly disperse light in your office. Like the LED flat panels, these are easy to install by a licensed electrician.

LED Downlight

Another option when designing office lighting in a new construction or retrofit application is the use of LED downlight light fixtures. LED downlights are offered in round, square, or rectangular and are recessed into a drywall or drop ceiling held up by built-in, spring-loaded clips. LED downlights are preferred because of their slim, sleek design, ease of installation, and impressive light output despite their compact size. Offered in kelvin temperatures ranging from 2700K-6500K, we at recommend a 4000K color temperature for an office setting.