Retail Lighting Solutions


Lights for retail location set the ambiance and tell a story for your customers. Depending upon the type of business, you might seek out sleek, contemporary fixtures to create a bright, clean setting for your clientele. On the other hand, vintage-style bulbs with warmer lighting and cozier feel might be more appropriate. At, we carry the dependable brands and products for whatever your retail location requires.

When shopping for retail lighting, consider the following:

Track Lighting

Track lighting allows for a business easily use directional lighting to draw attention towards specific items or displays. Track lighting is also flexible and versatile, so when the object of attention is changed, the lights can easily be changed to suit the needs of whatever is being displayed. The bulbs best suited for track lighting are MR16, PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, and PAR38 lights, commonly called flood lights. These bulbs have a parabola shape and a reflective interior that allows for precise lighting, with the number in the name signifying how many eights of an inch the bulb is in diameter.


When you aren’t trying to draw attention to anything specific and just need to light up the space, downlight fixtures are a good fit. They light up a wide area, have a low profile, are cost efficient, and are safer than hanging lights. You can find our LED downlights with a wide variety of trim shapes and sizes, connections, and even smart lighting options. 

Exit Signs & Emergency Lights

The National Fire Protection Association requires emergency lighting in designated stairs, aisles, corridors, and passageways that lead to an exit. Just because these lights are mandatory does not mean they need to be expensive! We have exit sign and emergency light fixture options that are inexpensive and long lasting. We also carry batteries and accessories for these fixtures for your convenience.

Vintage Style Lights

While many businesses benefit from a clean, modern look for their lighting, this is not a one size fits all solution. For some, an older classical look is exactly what the business needs. Antique stores, restaurants, and other businesses aiming to evoke a retro feel benefit from our vintage options. We offer both incandescent and LED vintage-style bulbs.

Color Rendering Index

Color Rendering Index, or CRI, is a measure of how a light effects the perceived color of objects. High CRI lights show an object’s colors as truer and more vibrant, and lower CRI lights makes objects appear to have washed out and dull colors. Typically, high CRI lighting is preferable for retail as consumers prefer vibrant colors and don’t like it if what they’re buying looks washed out. This is especially important in clothing stores as customers want to have a good idea of a product’s actual colors, as well as places such as jewelry stores and art galleries where crisp, vibrant color makes all the difference.