Are Satco Lighting LEDs Good? Pick the Right LED Lights for Your Space

Are Satco Lighting LEDs Good? Pick the Right LED Lights for Your Space

18th Jan 2023

What is the best way to light up a room in your home or office? Every room has a certain look, feel, and mood to it. And your choice of lighting plays a huge role in determining what that mood is. Choosing the wrong type of lighting for a particular room can take away from its overall use or purpose.

That said, how do you know what the perfect lighting is for a particular room? How do you determine which light bulbs or light fixtures are best suited for your bedroom, kitchen, or office? Or rather, a better question to ask might be, "Which lighting products can best fulfill all your needs in terms of quality and longevity?"

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Why Satco Lighting? A Brief Overview

Satco has long been a leading supplier for commercial, residential, and industrial settings. Beginning way back in 1965, it started off as a small distribution business called Sattlelight Wholesalers Inc., and through a lot of hard work, innovation, and ingenuity, they grew and expanded from being distributors to manufacturers of the lighting products they'd become experts in.

Given their many years of service, growth, and expertise, what is it, exactly, that sets Satco lighting apart from their competition?

1. Quality LEDs

In 1987, Satco was one of the first businesses to open and expand in the newly formed industrial park in Heartland Park in Brentwood. It was here that Satco established their headquarters, and where they remain to this day. Being at the forefront of innovation, for them, has come with a number of advantages, including having state-of-the-art facilities.

Satco LED light bulbs have undergone rigorous testing in order to improve upon and deliver the best in terms of light quality as well as longevity. And if there's anything worth investing in when it comes to lighting, it's both quality illumination and long-lasting light bulbs.

2. Quality Relationships throughout the Industry

Throughout the years, Satco has continued to build and grow relationships and partnerships across the lighting industry. These relationships include retailers and distribution sources.

Satco products aren't sold just anywhere, but rather only through trained and knowledgeable retailers. Think of this as similar to when you're buying other electronics or gadgets. You don't buy a laptop from a shop that primarily sells household appliances. Rather, you go to a proper retailer that specializes in computers.

The same goes when you're buying Satco lighting products. You can be sure that the stores that you'll be purchasing their products from are trained in the lighting industry, ensuring that you'll be getting the best customer service and product information.

3. Continued Innovation

One of the benefits that Satco gains from its built relationships is that it allows them to speed to market many of their new innovations. It was back in 2005 that Satco first introduced NUVO Lighting, which was a culmination of all the knowledge, expertise, and understanding that they'd accumulated throughout the many decades of being in the lighting industry.

One such innovative product that they'd come out with in recent years is the Hi-Pro 360 lamp, whose design innovation and versatility is too great to be described with mere words. If there's any one company where the quality of their products is something you can definitely be sure of, it's Satco lighting.

How To Pick Your LED Lights

Now that you know just how good Satco lighting products really are, it's time to answer the question of, "Which lights and fixtures are the perfect fit for my space?"

When considering the lighting in a particular room of space, there are two main things that you want to first take into account: light temperature and brightness.

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Choosing the Light Temperature for A Room

Deciding between a warmer or cooler light is the first step to choosing the right LED light for your room, property, or space. Your choice should be based on what your plans are for a certain room or space. Ask yourself, what types of activities are you planning on performing in a particular room? Is your goal to work or to relax? Your choice of light temperature can greatly affect your mood and disposition in both cases.

Light temperature is measured using the Kelvin scale. The lower the degrees Kelvin, the warmer and yellower a light will be. At 2700 Kelvin, for example, a light will already closely resemble your traditional incandescent bulb. Whereas most office spaces have temperatures of somewhere between 4100-5000 Kelvin.

There is also a middle ground between cool and warm light temperatures. Neutral temperatures—which are suitable for nearly any and every room or space—sits at around 3500 Kelvin.

When to Use Cool Lighting

You've probably heard about how blue light can negatively affect sleeping patterns. This is the main reason why many experts and health professionals recommend that you avoid spending time staring at your phone, TV, or computer screen before bed.

Given the effect that blue light has on our physiology, then, this also means that cool lighting is much more suitable for areas in your home, office, or space, that require you to stay alert, awake, and highly functional. That's why cool lighting is best reserved for office spaces, bathrooms and kitchens, as well as any industrial space.

When to Use Warm Lighting

When looking to settle down and slowly put your body into a state of calm and relaxation, a warmly lit room can provide the perfect setting. This is why warm light is perfect for the bedroom and the dining room. Lower levels of blue light in your bedroom can help you sleep better and deeper, giving you more energy for the next day.

In the case of dining rooms, on the other hand, warm lighting creates a warmer atmosphere that can enhance your dining experience with your family or friends.

Get Your Satco Lighting Products Online

There are a lot of lightbulb retailers out there in the market. What sets  apart from others is that we first started out as a brick-and-mortar business over 35 years ago. That alone guarantees that you're getting the best quality products and customer service.

If you have any questions or concerns about lighting, our customer service representatives are more than happy to lend a helping hand to ensure that you get the best possible commercial and residential lights to fit your everyday needs.

If you're sold on the quality of Satco lighting products, on the other hand, and want to start shopping online, then you can visit our online store here on our website. We have bulbs and fixtures ready to give you the best possible lighting for your space.