Halloween Lighting

Halloween Lighting

24th Mar 2022

Let’s face it – it’s time to decorate for Halloween! You can’t wait any longer. Whether you’re determined to have the best haunted house on the block, or simply outfit your office with spooky décor, you’re going to need the right lights to set the mood and show it off. That’s why we’ve curated this special selection of lights to make your place a must-visit location on every trick-or-treater’s list.

Black U/V Lighting?

No haunted house or Halloween party is complete without black lights! They’ll provide enough eerie, purple light that you and guests will be able to see, while preserving a dark atmosphere. Of course, certain costumes and props to glow under a black light, which can account for the most surprising ghosts and ghouls to pop up! They’re also helpful for highlighting costumes; black lights will make your home the spot where costumes look the best all night

Flickering Lights

Looking for a way to dress up that cobwebbed-candelabra? Try flickering, or “flicker flame,” light bulbs, which will replicate the soft light and natural dance of a flame, without the danger of actual candles (a fire alarm going off mid-party is decidedly not fun). These bulbs are perfect for an electric candle, in sconces, hallway lighting, or even a dining room chandelier.

Colored Lighting

What’s Halloween without a splash of color? Colored light bulbs allow you to expand into other aesthetics, setting the scene for otherworldly space ships or the dreaded depths of unexplored oceans. Pair your colored lights with the right decorations for the perfect party or haunted house (We personally like the look of the blue and green lights with coupled with Alien styled props and décor!

Flood Lighting

There’s just one piece of the puzzle left: making your neighbors jealous. After all, what good are your perfectly-picked decorations if nobody can see them? Proudly point some flood lights at your house or office building at night so everyone knows who the real masters of Halloween are! You could also choose a spot light to focus on a favored element, or a colored flood light to paint the place with just the right amount of ambiance. Your front porch or vestibule will look appropriately menacing draped in red light, for instance.

Halloween is October 31st! The right lights make all the difference – so get the right ones you need today. It’s so easy it’s scary.

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