Parking & Area Lighting Solutions

Whether for your building’s perimeter, parking lot, or concourses, proper lighting ensures a safe and secure environment that is welcoming to customers and employees. Modern LED lights and fixtures are designed to be energy-efficient, much longer lasting than traditional fixtures they replace, and bright enough to illuminate the space you require.

If you’re selecting lights for your area or parking lot, consider the following:

Wall Packs

Wall packs are the common choice for lighting outdoor areas such as parking lot. LED wall packs are affixed directly to the wall and last for years, providing bright and reliable lighting the whole time. They come in a variety of options in size, wattage, and finish, assuring you have the perfect fixture for your building’s needs.

Area Fixtures

Area fixtures – also called flood fixtures – are the standard solution for lighting up large outdoor spaces such as sports fields, outdoor theaters, parking lots, fairgrounds, and moreArea fixtures are typically screwed onto threaded pipes with its wires going through the pipe and connecting to the power supply and switch or other type of control.

Corn Lights

Named for their resemblance to corn on the cob, corn or corncob lights are “bulbs” that have lines of square LEDs covering parts of or the whole of their surface. They fit in most kinds of bases and can light up a much wider area compared to traditional bulbs. Corn lights come in both 360 and directional, and many can switch between the two modes of function. With their brightness and wide area, corn lights are extremely popular choices for modern area lighting.

HID Light Bulbs & Ballasts

A traditional option for area lighting are high intensity discharge bulbs, often better known as metal halide, mercury vapor, or high pressure sodium lights. These lights work by creating an electrical arc between a pair of tungsten electrodes inside a sealed tube filled with noble gases and other materials. High intensity discharge lights are generally much brighter while still being relatively energy-efficient when compared to equivalent incandescent and halogen bulbs.