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LED A-Type Bulbs

Replacing your existing household lights with more efficient options is a good way to reduce your energy consumption and electric bill. At Lightbulb Wholesaler, we have the widest selection of Type A LED light bulbs to serve your every need. Illuminate your home or office with more options and greater efficiency by choosing from our extensive Type A light bulb inventory.

What Are A-Type Bulbs?

A Type A bulb is one of the most common lights found in homes and offices. When most of us picture a light bulb, this is what we imagine: The bulbs feature a pear-shaped glass or plastic enclosure with a screw-in metal base. Although for many years they utilized incandescent filaments, recent legislation and design developments have led to Type A bulbs with LED technology. Outfitted with light-emitting diode semiconductors, these bulbs represent a major improvement in energy efficiency and versatility.

For example, a majority of older bulbs require about 60 watts of power while modern versions can use as few as 6.5 watts. Because they use less power, the new bulbs also have a much longer lifespan. Not only do they consume lower wattages, but they also offer more choices of color temperature and hue. The diodes can be adjusted to produce warm white light many colors in a wide range of intensities.

Why Choose LED?

If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting in your home or work environment without replacing existing lamps or fixtures, Type A light bulbs with LED may be the right choice for you. In most cases, they can be swapped for your old traditional-style lights. This is because their design enables them to be screwed into a socket the same as older bulbs.

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When you’re looking for the highest-quality Type A bulbs, there’s no better place to look than Lightbulb Wholesaler. We carry an enormous variety of LEDs from the most trusted manufacturers. We have omnidirectional and wide-beam options, as well as bulbs for dimmable lamps and fixtures. We also stock numerous products with twist-lock bases, as well as the standard Edison-style screw-in base.

You can count on us to have bulbs that suit your requirements. For more information or to get started on placing a bulk order today, take a look at our wide selection of Type A bulbs or reach out to us for help.